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Tires and alignment

We provide wheel alignments, tire replacement, as well as tire mounting and balancing.

When to get a tire alignment:

It feels like the tires are pulling to the left or right.

The steering wheel is off center when going straight.

Your steering wheel is giving feedback, such as more vibrations. 

How to know when tires are worn:

Place a penny head down between the tire treads. The penny should be covered all the way up to at least Lincoln’s forehead. If you can see the top of his head, you need new tires. 

It’s important for your tires to be in good condition to keep you safe. Tire treads are what help prevent your car from hydroplaning on a wet road. 

Get road ready.

Our Mechanic, Tires and Alignment Shop is at a different location than collision repair! Find us:

Our 2 Locations

Collision Repair and Upgrades:
1003 7th St. Bedford,
IN 47421

Mechanical Repair:
1104 5th Street
Bedford IN, 47421

Our hours

8:00 AM – 05:00 PM
Monday – Saturday

Contact us

Phone: 812-279-8028